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Zoom Fitness classes for all levels 



Keep Fit 

10am - 11am

Low-impact Aerobics class. All around workout - floor work to strengthen and stretch for all levels


£4.00 for 1 person

£6.00 for 2 people





Fitness Dance Workout for all levels

9.30am - 10.15am  


Whole-body workout.

It's fun, it makes you stronger and it can help with losing weight, balance, and coordination. 

The class starts with a warmup, short stretch, lots of fun dance workouts followed by cool down & stretch.


1 class - £4.00 for 1 person 

1 class - £6.00 for 2 people



To book a class, please send an email to:

and I'll send you the Zoom and bank details.

Thank you!


Best wishes,




Carola Degener-Pereira

ADTV, RSA, UKA qualified Dance Teacher & Fitness Instructor

Tel:  01273 772462 - Mobile: 07786032224



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